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Save up to €109 with your free Blocked Account in July: Expatrio's BFF Value Package!

Are you eager to move to Germany and unsure of all the documents you need to apply for the German visa?

Look no further!

Expatrio is the go-to source for a hassle-free and budget-friendly way to secure the required documents for your visa to Germany. With the BFF Value Package campaign offering savings of up to €109, it's time to take advantage of this limited-time opportunity.

Opening your Blocked Account with Expatrio means accessing various benefits and services that will simplify your visa process.

And the best part? 

It's free! Say goodbye to unnecessary fees, stress, and waiting times.

But what is the BFF Campaign?

Blocked Account for free (the "BFF Campaign") is a special offer for all customers who apply for the Value Package and those who upgrade to a Value Package from 28th June until 31st July 2023. With Expatrio's BFF Value Package, you can wave goodbye to the setup and monthly fees associated with your Blocked Account when you sign up for a Value Package. That means more savings in your pocket while enjoying a hassle-free banking experience.

How do I apply?

Getting your hands on the Value Package is easy. 

  1. Apply for free and fill in the form to open your Blocked Account. This step will also secure your Health Insurance coverage.
  2. Once your Blocked Account is open, activate your products, including your Blocked account and Public Health Insurance. And here's the cherry on top: After activating your Health Insurance, you'll receive a generous €49 cashback and an additional cashback of €5 monthly fee for 12 months upfront, making it a total savings of €109.
  3. After your Blocked Account is activated, you have up to one year (30th June 2024) to transfer funds.
How do I upgrade to the Value Package?

In case you have not purchased the Expatrio Value Package initially but you would like to upgrade at a later point in time, you can easily do it via the 'Upgrade or Add New Products' section on your Expatrio User Portal.

- If you are eligible for the Expatrio Value Package, you can follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Expatrio User Portal
  2. On your dashboard, click on 'Upgrade or Add New Products'
  3. You will see the list of products that you can add to your Expatrio account on the next page
  4. Navigate through the purchase flow and finalize your Value Package upgrade

Note: you will see the Upgrade the Value Package only if you do not have this package yet and you are eligible for it.

How do I avail of the cashback?

To avail the cashback, eligible customers in the BFF Campaign must successfully activate the Health Insurance coverage with DR. WALTER or Techniker Krankenkasse. The total cashback is limited to a maximum of €49 setup fee + 12 times the monthly service fee, i.e., €49 setup fee + 12 months * €5 monthly service fee = €109 cashback. (Terms & Conditions apply)

But the perks don't end there! By opting for the Value Package, you'll also receive the following benefits:

✔️ Best-in-class Insurance tailored to your needs: Whether Private or Public Health Insurance, Expatrio covers you. Enjoy the benefits of award-winning Health Insurance providers like Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) and DR-Walter.

✔️ Incoming Insurance: Receive free coverage for up to 92 days worldwide.

✔️ Student Identity Card (ISIC Card):  Receive a free International Student Identity Card (ISIC) for one year. With the ISIC card, you can access over 150,000 discounts and offers in more than 130 countries, making your international student life even more rewarding.

✔️ Current Account: Receive a free current account with a banking card and enjoy zero fees. 

Note: Regarding compliance with the German Residence Act (Aufenthaltsgesetz), Expatrio ensures that your Blocked Account is opened with a trusted German bank, Aion Bank. Rest assured; you'll have peace of mind and a secure banking experience with a German IBAN.

Remember, this offer is only available for a limited time. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to save money and access exclusive benefits with Expatrio's BFF Value Package!

Limited Time Offer

Get Expatrio's BFF Value Package Today! Save up to €109 with a FREE Blocked Account.