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Don't Miss Out on the Latest ISIC Offers This Week!

Looking for some great deals to help you save money?

Look no further than the latest ISIC offers! These are amazing discounts on everything from food and drink to VR experiences this week. Check out the top offers below:

 🍱 Degusta box

A subscription service that delivers a monthly package of carefully curated and exciting food and drink items. Treat yourself to a delicious monthly surprise with the Degusta box, and get 40% off your first box with your ISIC card.

🎧 Storytel - 30 days free unlimited trial

Love books? A digital platform for audiobooks and e-books that provides an extensive collection of stories across multiple genres. You'll love Storytel, the digital audiobook service that lets you listen to thousands of titles on the go. 

🌇 myCityHunt

A company that provides scavenger hunts in various cities, allowing participants to explore and discover hidden gems while solving puzzles and looking for a fun and unique way to explore your city. Try myCityHunt, and get 23% off your scavenger hunt with your ISIC card.

📺 TimeRide

A virtual reality experience that takes visitors back in time to different eras and places, allowing them to experience history in a new and exciting way. Transport yourself to another time and place with TimeRide's unique VR experiences. With your ISIC card, you can get a free experience with ITIC or 20% off with ISIC or IYTC.

💎 Paula's Choice

A skincare brand that offers a range of practical and science-backed products for different skin types and concerns. Protect your skin with Paula's Choice, and get 20% off with your ISIC card.

With these amazing deals, there's no reason not to treat yourself this week. Remember to use your ISIC card to take advantage of these great offers!

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